About Us

One of the key success factors for the quality of the Services delivered by Bangkok Innovation Zystem (BIZ)
is the huge investment in personnel trainning and certification

Established in 2007, Bangkok Innovation Zystem has since proven successfull in the International Telecommunication network trading field in Thailand, Myanmar and Philippines.

Our expertise in operation, logistic and telecommunication solution management, especially in Wireless Network, provides our customers with the speed to catch up with the fast evolving market requirements while optimizing their investment.

With our experience and knowledge of both international and local telecommunication networks trading, and our flexibility, Bangkok Innovation Zystem is the ideal partner for public and private telecommunication operators, and Network providers who want to provide their clients with the best service possible while optimizing their investment.

Due to the successful in telecommunication networks trading, Bangkok Innovation Zystem has our own vision to be the total solution for our customer. Thus we intend to expand our service to be the expert in IT as the system instigator in the near future.